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Gain a single place for supplier engagement, document and data collection, supplier intelligence, and real time compliance reporting for over 50 regulatory requirements and sustainability standards.

Streamline Your Supply Chain Compliance.


Choose to request information from your suppliers for over 50 supply chain programs. Intelligence analytics are designed to help you understand the data you collect and easily pinpoint risk in your supply chain. Track the progress of your programs, assign scoring and risk classifications, customize dashboard reporting widgets, tag suppliers and more.

Each program comes with automated intelligent reminders to suppliers who have not completed your request. You’ll be notified when a supplier uploads a document, and all programs give you real-time engagement and response rates metrics.

Using AI-powered document review, you can accurately analyze thousands of compliance documents in seconds and generate results that drive highly efficient compliance reporting programs.

Centralize Your Supply Chain.

Automate Data Collection and Document Review.

Consolidate Your Compliance Process.

We support over 50 regulatory requirements and sustainability standards with our user-friendly platform.

Get an Inside Look At How We Work Our Magic.

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Ethical Sourcing

  • US conflict minerals
  • EU conflict minerals
  • Smelter verification
  • Code of conduct
  • Anti-human trafficking

Chemical Management

  • California prop 65
  • EU RoHS
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management

Vendor Management

  • Supply chain cybersecurity
  • Desktop and supplier assessment
  • ISO 9001
  • Supplier diversity

Materials Sourcing

  • Cobalt due diligence
  • Sustainable palm oil

Why do over 300,000 companies trust Source Intelligence with their supply chain compliance?

We know that every business has unique challenges and opportunities. Our team of compliance experts have over 100 years of combined regulatory experience and offer platform customization based on your specific needs.

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