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Our automated data verification tool analyzes thousands of documents to ensure supplier data accuracy. Our platform then gives you real-time reports on your compliance status. 

Our platform gives you a single place for supplier engagement, data collection, risk mitigation, and dynamic reporting.

Our solution allows your suppliers to provide any product information they have available; Full Materials Declarations, safety data sheets, lab test reports, and more. 

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We take the heavy lifting off your shoulders with our automated solutions. Get the supplier data you need, comply with global laws, identify supply chain risks, and automatically adjust to requirement updates.

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We leverage technology to make your supply chain compliance program more efficient, allowing for significantly faster and more accurate supplier data collection.

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Our contact at Source Intelligence really made all the difference. She reached out to us in a way that made us feel in control but confident that Source Intelligence had our back for whatever we needed.

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Source has been a great asset to our company. They have played a key role in helping us meet our customer’s expectations and requirements regarding regulatory compliance.



Our team of regulatory experts is comprised of PhDs and scientists. We ensure you are on the cutting edge of new requirements and laws.

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Collecting compliance documents from your suppliers is difficult and time consuming on your own. We automate the entire process and take it off your plate. 

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Every business is unique in the compliance challenges it faces, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all solution? We tailor our solution to best suit your needs.

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Our goal is to provide a streamlined environment through platform technology where suppliers, partners, vendors, small businesses, and global brands have the ability to proactively address their compliance and transparency needs. Through over 10 years and with over 50 supply chain programs on our platform, we’ve carried out our mission, one customer at a time.

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