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Welcome to compliance made easy. The Source Intelligence Network allows you to send one information request to your entire supply chain, track every response, and centralize all the data you receive. Once you complete you information request campaign, you can then roll up all your data and send a report to your customers.

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We deliver a powerful cloud-based solution with an easy to use platform that allows for simple and intuitive data uploads

Data Exchange With The Source Intelligence Network Easy to Upload. Secure to Store. Quick to Send.

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We obtain and store all your product and compliance documentation and full materials declarations in one secure location. This makes it easy for you to send necessary data to your customers.



Customize Compliance Needs

Have the ability to customize and monitor your own set of chemical regulations that directly affect your products and customers. Structure your product chemical compliance program based on your companies compliance needs.

Ongoing Communication

Maintain constant communication with upstream suppliers and downstream customers. We make it easy for you and your suppliers to load product data and compliance documentation.

Compare Report

Instantly compare your products against global restricted substances lists. All of your audit-able and reportable compliance documentation will be available on one easy-to-use network.

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IStay ahead of developing Global initiatives that impact business operations and your supply chain.